Highschool Rock Of The 50s (10CDs)


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1.Johnny Restivo The Shape I’m In
2.Neil Sedaka Stupid Cupid
3.Ricky Nelson I’m Walkin’
4.The Teddy Bears To Know Him Is To Love Him
5.Frankie Avalon De De Dinah
6.Pat Boone Two Hearts, Two Kisses
7.Fabian Tiger
8.Perry Como Kewpie Doll
9.Bobby Darin Dream Lover
10.Ritchie Valens Donna
11.Cliff Richard & The Drifters High Class Baby
12.Roy Orbison Only The Lonely
13.Carl Dobkins Jr. My Heart Is An Open Book
14.Paul Anka Diana
15.Dion & The Belmonts A Teenager In Love
16.Bobby Rydell Wild One
17.Ricky Nelson A Teenager’s Romance
18.Kalin Twins When
19.Bobby Vee Rubber Ball
20.Tommy Sands Teenage Crush

1.Neil Sedaka Oh Carol
2.Sammy Salvo Lonely Dreamer
3.Cliff Richard & The Drifters Livin’ Lovin’ Doll
4.Frankie Avalon Ginger Bread
5.Joe Melson Barbara
6.Jack Clement Whole Lotta Lookin’ (All Over The World)
7.Bobby Darin Queen Of The Hop
8.Ricky Nelson Be Bop Baby
9.Dave Rich Red Sweater
10.Danny & The Juniors At The Hop
11.Fabian I’m A Man
12.Clyde McPhatter Rock And Cry
13.Pat Boone Ain’t That A Shame
14.Buddy Knox Party Doll
15.Sal Mineo Party Time
16.Brenda Lee Sweet Nothin’s
17.Jamie Coe Summertime Symphony
18.Johnny Restivo I Like Girls
19.Autry Inman Dream Boat
20.Dion & The Belmonts I Wonder Why

1.Fabian Turn Me Loose
2.Frankie Avalon Bleu Betty
3.Bobby Darin I Ain’t Sharin’ Sharon
4.Pat Boone Tennessee Saturday Night
5.Ritchie Valens Come On Let’s Go
6.Bobby Rydell Volare
7.McGuire Sisters Sugartime
8.Neil Sedaka I Ain’t Hurtin” No More
9.Robin Luke Susie Darlin’
10.Connie Francis Lipstick On Your Collar
11.Ricky Nelson Stood Up
12.Tab Hunter Red Sails In The Sunset
13.Kalin Twins Jumpin’ Jack
14.Paul Anka Puppy Love
15.Steve Lawrence Pretty Blue Eyes
16.Barbara Evans Souvenirs
17.Fabian Mighty Cold
18.Bobby Vee Devil Or Angel
19.Pat Boone At My Front Door
20.Cliff Richard & The Drifters Mean Streak

1.Pat Boone Tutti Frutti
2.Paul Anka Don’t Gamble With Love
3.Roy Orbison Today’s Teardrops
4.Neil Sedaka Ring A Rockin’
5.Dion & The Belmonts Where Or When
6.Ritchie Valens Cry, Cry, Cry
7.Ricky Nelson Lonesome Town
8.Fabian Come On And Get Me
9.Bobby Comstock Tennessee Waltz
10.Frankie Avalon I’m Broke
11.Cliff Richard & The Drifters Never Mind
12.Tommy Sands Ring My Phone
13.Carl Dobkins Jr. If You Don’t Want My Lovin’
14.Sammy Salvo One Little Baby
15.Fabian Tongue Tied
16.Sal Mineo Little Pidgeon
17.Joe Melson Oh Yeah
18.Bobby Darin Plain Jane
19.The Chordettes Lollipop
20.Neil Sedaka Run Samson Run

1.Kalin Twins Forget Me Not
2.Paul Anka & Micki Marlo What You’ve Done To Me
3.Frankie Avalon Shy Guy
4.Perry Como Moon Talk
5.Cliff Richard & The Drifters Living Doll
6.Pat Boone Long Tall Sally
7.Roy Orbison I’m Hurtin’
8.The Sprouts Luscious Lovin’ Lucy
9.Neil Sedaka Stairway To Heaven
10.Bobby Rydell Sway
11.Ricky Nelson I Got A Feeling
12.Carl Dobkins Jr. Love Is Everything
13.Dion Lonely Teenager
14.Johnny Restivo Love
15.Ric Cartey With The Jiva-Tones Young Love
16.The Lane Brothers Boppin’ In A Sack
17.Fabian Don’t You Think It’s Time
18.Roy Orbison Rockhouse
19.Cliff Richard & The Shadows Fall In Love With You
20.Bobby Darin Splish Splash

1.Ricky Nelson Poor Little Fool
2.Ritchie Valens Hurry Up
3.Roy Orbison Uptown
4.Bobby Darin Bullmoose
5.Cliff Richard & The Shadows Travellin’ Light
6.Pat Boone Honey Hush
7.Bobby Comstock The Wayward Wind
8.Fabian Lilly Lou
9.Sammy Salvo Oh Julie
10.Neil Sedaka Calendar Girl
11.Frankie Avalon Why
12.Nite Rockers Nite Rock (Lonely Train)
13.Paul Anka I Love You Baby
14.Buddy Knox Hula Love
15.Ricky Nelson Teenage Doll
16.Joe Melson Shook Uo
17.Johnny Tillotson Poetry In Motion
18.Pat Boone Flip, Flop And Fly
19.Cliff Richard & The Shadows Dynamite
20.Jan & Dean Baby Talk

1.Paul Anka Lonely Boy
2.Frankie Avalon Venus
3.Neil Sedaka One Way Ticket To The Blues
4.The Lane Brothers Somebody Sweet
5.Ricky Nelson Believe What You Say
6.Cliff Richard & The Shadows Please Don’t Tease
7.Ritchie Valens That’s My Little Suzie
8.Dion Little Miss Blue
9.Fabian Hypnotized
10.Bobby Rydell We Got Love
11.Pat Boone Love Letters In The Sand
12.Kalin Twins Sweet Sugar Lips
13.Sammy Salvo Say Yeah
14.Bobby Darin Pity Miss Kitty
15.Johnny Tillotson Princess, Princess
16.Tommy Sands Ring-A-Ding-Ding
17.Bobby Comstock Zig Zag
18.Carl Dobkins Jr. Lucky Devil
19.The Sprouts Shake Me Up Again
20.Roy Orbison I Like Love

1.Frankie Avalon You Excite Me
2.Pat Boone Why Baby Why
3.Nite Rockers Oh Baby
4.Ricky Nelson Just A Little Too Much
5.Cliff Richard & The Shadows Nine Times Out Of Ten
6.Fabian Steady Date
7.Joe Melson What’s The Use
8.Johnny Restivo I Wanna Play House With You
9.Sammy Salvo She Take Sunbaths
10.Paul Anka That’s Love
11.Neil Sedaka You’re Knockin’ Me Out
12.Bobby Comstock Jealous Fool
13.Ritchie Valens Little Girl
14.Jan & Dean My Heart Sings
15.Bobby Darin Oo Ee Train
16.Ricky Nelson It’s Late
17.Roy Orbison Almost Eighteen
18.Cliff Richard & The Shadows Willie And The Hand Jive
19.Pat Boone A Wonderful Time Up There
20.Fabian Got A Feeling

1.Cliff Richard & The Drifters Move It
2.Fabian Hound Dog Man
3.Neil Sedaka I Go Ape
4.The Teddy Bears Don’t You Worry My Little Pet
5.Frankie Avalon Oh La La
6.Bobby Rydell Kissin’ Time
7.The Lane Brothers Little Brother
8.Pat Boone April Love
9.Ritchie Valens La Bamba
10.Cliff Richard & The Shadows I Love You
11.Perry Como Love Makes The World Go Round
12.Sal Mineo Start Movin’
13.Tommy Sands Goin’ Steady
14.The Sprouts Every Little Once In A While
15.Bobby Darin Somebody To Love
16.Neil Sedaka Going Home To Mary Lou
17.Sammy Salvo Lovin’ At Night
18.Paul Anka Put Your Head On My Shoulder
19.Le Garde Twins Roll, Rock ‘n’ Roll That Hula Hoop
20.Ricky Nelson Never Be Anyone Else But You

1.Narvel Felts Honey Love
2.Bobby Louis Love At First Sight
3.Sam Butera And The Witnesses Bim Bam
4.Jan & Arnie Jenny Lee
5.Janis Martin Drugstore Rock & Roll
6.Barry De Vorzon Hey, Little Darlin’
7.Johnny Fallin If I Could Write A Love Song
8.The Lane Brothers Uh Uh Honey
9.Dave Rich Rosie Let’s Get Crazy
10.Ric CarteyLet Me Tell About Love
11.Jackie DeeBuddy
12.Paul EvansWhat Do You Know
13.Floyd RobinsonWhy Can’t It Go On
14.Jimmy EdwardsYour Love Is A Good Love
15.Bonnie GuitarLove Is Over, Love Is Done
16.Nick GreeneMy Lovin’ Baby
17.Janis MartinLove And Kisses
18.Narvel FeltsCry Baby, Cry
19.Kenny LoranMama’s Little Baby (Loves Rock & Roll)
20.Johnny RoseLinda Lea

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